Clark Oil kit features:

  • This structure is based on the Clark Oil gas station design used from the 1950's-1990's. Clark was one of the first oil companies to offer self-service gas at a discount as a way to draw customers from the major oil company stations. At its peak, Clark Oil operated over 1,350 gas stations all across the Midwest and Northeast with a territory stretching from Pennsylvania to Kansas
  • Kit features laser-cut exterior and interior walls, doors, window frames, trim, floor, roofing and sign frames. Included are four gas pumps and two islands, chimney, soda machine, a great selection of authentic Clark's full color signs acquired from prototype gas stations, and a laser-cut sign for roadside. Also includes laser cut Clark's billboard as shown on the photos above. Included gas price signs cover pricing from most eras.
  • N scale kit dimensions:  1.50" x 2.50" (structure only).
  • HO scale kit dimensions:  2.75" x 4.50" (structure only).

N-#087 ...........$33.95

N - Blair Line LLC laser cut Clark Oil kit
Price: $33.95

HO - Blair Line LLC laser cut Clark Oil kit
Price: $39.95

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