N-HO Fallen Flags Billboard Signs

Billboard sets representing some of the fallen flag railroads that have disappeared or been merged or absorbed. These sets are the most comprehensive set of advertising billboard signs offered for each of the railroads we feature. Each set includes a laser cut wood billboard frame and a selection of 6 signs representing several different eras.

HO (4.00" wide x 2.50" tall)  #2426....discontinued     
N (2.10" wide x 1.00" tall)  #1426…...discontinued
N - Blair Line Frisco Billboards
Price: $7.00

HO (4.00" wide x 2.50" tall #2427......discontinued   
N (2.10" wide x 1.00" tall)#1427................$7.00

HO (4.00" wide x 2.50" tall)#2428.............discontinued   
N (2.10" wide x 1.00" tall)#1428........……..discontinued

All of the HO sets are now gone and only limited supplies of N scale Frisco billboards are still available.

Due to lackluster sales, and new licensing requirements, these billboards will be discontinued when our existing inventory is gone. The entire "Fallen Flag" project will be abandoned. I would like to issue a special thanks to everyone that purchased these signs and especially to those of you that sent in photos and ad materials. We had plans to offer billboard sets for several railroads, unfortunately nearly all of our requests for billboard information from various railroad historical societies and forums went unanswered. 

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