Scenery items for Model Railroaders

Road Barricades
Two completely assembled road barricades.
Great for construction sites, closed grade
crossings, dead end streets, etc.  Available in
black/white (older barricades) or orange/white (modern barricades). Both include "road closed sign". Assembled in the USA.

black and white            orange and white
HO-out of stock            HO-out of stock
N-out of stock               N-out of stock

Laser-cut Wood Grade Crossing have moved to this page:

Lasercut Handcar Setoff

Handcar setoff builds on fill as shown or on flat ground. Used by railroads as a place to clear the line or to turn handcars, motorcars, speeders, etc.
Our kit builds three complete setoffs. Available now in HO and N scale. Click on photo for more information.

Manhole covers and storm drains
Photos of real manhole covers and storm drains printed on adhesive backed paper and feature cut, peel and stick installation. Great details for streets, sidewalks and industrial facilities.
HO-#162........$4.00    N-#062...........$4.00

N -Blair Line Manhole Covers
Price: $4.00
HO -Blair Line Manhole Covers
Price: $4.00

Central Air Conditioner Unit kits
Central air conditioner units for rooftops or ground installations. Use #2705 for larger commercial or residential units in HO and smaller commercial or residential units in S and O scale. Use #1705 for smaller commercial or residential units in HO and larger commercial/residential for N & Z.
Kit includes 3 ea. or 4 ea. lasercut adhesive backed lazerboard and basswood air conditioner units. Easy to assemble tab and slot construction and most of the parts are peel-n-stick. Parts are laid out on carrier sheet by paint color for easy painting.
HO/S/O-#2705 (3 ea.)........$10.00    HO/N/Z-#1705 (4 ea.)......…$10.00

HO/S/O - Central AC Unit (3ea.)
Price: $10.00
HO/N/Z - Central AC Unit (4 ea.)
Price: $10.00

Wall Fans and Wall Vents
Install fans on walls or windows. Install Vents on walls. Easily adds interest and detail to plain walls. Fans (6 ea.) in two different sizes and vents (15 ea.) in two different sizes.
Very easy to assemble peel-n-stick parts. Lasercut adhesive backed lazerboard. Parts are laid out on carrier sheet by paint color for easy painting.

HO/S-#2707........$10.00                  N-#1707........…$10.00

HO/S - Fans (6) and Vents (15)
Price: $10.00
Z/N/HO - Fans (7) and Vents (15)
Price: $10.00

Burglar Bars (HO-24 ea., N-30 ea.)
24 ea. HO scale or 30 ea. N scale, burglar (security) bars in four different sizes for doors and/or windows. Lasercut from thin lazerboard. Lazerboard is a resin impregnated Kraft liner board and may be glued and painted same as wood. Easy to trim to size. Paint and install on your buildings for a great and often missing urban detail.

HO-#2708 (24 ea.)........$10.00        N-#1708 (30 ea.)........…$10.00

HO - Burglar Bars (24 ea.)
Price: $10.00
N - Burglar Bars (30 ea.)
Price: $10.00

Pile O' Ties (Treated or Untreated)
Piles of ties, made of lasercut wood, pre-assembled and ready to place on your layout. Random pattern ties so each stack is unique. Untreated ties for use in railroad yards, tie yards, sawmills, lumber yards, construction sites and as railroad car loads or truck loads. Treated ties for use along your right of way, in railroad yards, tie yards or as railroad car loads or truck loads.

HO treated ties #2811...…....$9.00 (2 piles)     
HO untreated ties #2812……$8.00 (2 piles)
N treated ties #1811..…….....$8.00 (2 piles)     
N untreated ties #1812….…..$7.00 (2 piles)

HO - Pile O' Ties (treated)
Price: $9.00
HO - Pile O' Ties (untreated)
Price: $8.00
N - Pile O' Ties (treated)
Price: $8.00
N - Pile O' Ties (untreated)
Price: $7.00

Wood Snow Fence
Kit features two partially assembled wood snow fences. Three piece construction for easy final assembly. Our fence is based on current design practice for the "Wyoming Style Wood Snow Fence", but is usable for all eras. A must have item for all Union Pacific and western railroad modelers.

HO-#163….discontinued,  N-#063....discontinued
(We are considering bringing this kit back. Let us know if you are interested.)

Rural Mailbox Kit
Roadside detail for your rural, small town, or suburban scene. Each kit includes two different sizes of plastic mailboxes and an assortment of scale posts. Simply glue posts to mailbox, paint and install on your layout. Each kit includes twenty mailboxes.

HO-#164,...discontinued N-#064....discontinued

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