Q. Are Blair Line LLC Signs paper, decals or peel-n-stick?
A. No.....and this is what sets us apart from everyone else. Our signs are printed in color on plastic or printed in color on paper then laminated to plastic. (except the billboard signs) Blair Line Signs are ready to cut, assemble and install on your layout.

Where can I get the posts for the highway signs?
A.  Each Blair Line LLC highway sign kit includes scale wood posts or   scale styrene pipe. We also offer packages of 20 extra HO and N     scale posts for your convenience.

Are the plastic signs easy to cut and assemble?
A. Yes.....the signs are easily cut using a sharp hobby knife or sharp scissors. Our signs are easily assembled using CA (Superglue
type adhesive).

Are laser cut wood kits like the old craftsman kits?
A. Not ours! You will find most if not all the parts are laser cut with toler    ances equal to or greater than you will find on plastic kits. And all of the trim, doors, windows and roofing have a peel-n-stick backing to speed assembly. Anyone from a beginning modeler to experienced craftsman can build a Blair Line kit. 

Nice to see a quality product at an affordable price. Thanks. M.S., Arizona

Wow!!! I love it (Company House) and will be buying another kit soon.  B.S. California

Very nice signs........ R.G., Texas

Excellent product.....  E.C.,  Massachusetts

Great product!   R.S., Florida

It (Fred & Red's) went together like a dream!  R.K. Iowa

Best signs I've seen.  W.M.,  California

Signs are excellent - great value.  C.S.,  Ohio

You are doing splendid work, Dale! S.H., Oklahoma

What a pleasure to build your kits. I've done one of your competition and no comparison.  G.H., Missouri

I just had to write to express how well satisfied I am with your product.  M.H., Ohio

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